Version 4 Framed Hanging Barrier- 48" (1.22 m ) H x 32" W
Framed Hanging Plexi Shields separate table and booths 48" H x 32" W
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Version 4 Framed Hanging Barrier- 48" (1.22 m ) H x 32" W

Item ID:  CSG-32-HFB
 CSG-32-HFB -Shields are 48" H x 32" W and framed to hang and separate booths, tables, chairs and other spaces to maintain most social distancing needs. 

Rigid, non-permeable and washable plexi shields meet PHO standards and hang from most ceiling types. 

  • Made of light PETG Plexi which is crystal clear, will not crack and will hang straight within the attractive black frames.
  • Provides 100% protective barrier( PPE approved) from sneezes, coughs, germs and particles. Easily washed and sanitized.
  • Light weight ensures ceiling structure stays intact. Framed weight them down to hang straight
  • Adjustable height and position. 
  • Include frames, hooks, wires, line and metal crimps for easy and sturdy hanging from your specific ceiling..
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