Version 3 Hanging PETG/Plexi Shield/Barrier- 30"
30" wide hanging shield-Ricky's Restaurant Langley

Version 3 Hanging PETG/Plexi Shield/Barrier- 30"

Item ID:  CSG-30-HSC
Our 30" H x  30" W Hanging Protective Shields will hang from any ceiling type and from any height with our custom apparatus (supplied with purchase).

  • Made of PETG plastic which is crystal clear and will not crack. Easier to hear customers talk through than thick plexi.
  • Adjustable height  from counter surface. Multiple shields can be lined up side by side.
  • Includes hooks, wires and metal crimps for easy and sturdy hanging custom to your ceiling needs. Heavy enough wire so shields wont blow in AC.
  • Light weight, crystal clear and easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • Good for tall people or raised check out points (higher than customer’s side of floor).
  • Installation & hanging suggestions available upon request (Custom quote pricing for install). 
  • Call 605 532-0500 or email us for custom pricing 


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